Creative Ways To Serve Empanadas

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Creative Ways To Serve Empanadas

21 November 2022
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If you're looking for an easy-to-eat, handheld dinner option that is sure to please the entire family, consider empanadas. Filled with everything from savory to sweet ingredients, empanadas also make ideal party food in a pinch.

Empanadas are crescent-shaped turnovers featuring flaky crusts and hearty fillings such as ground beef, chicken and turkey, pork, tuna, shellfish, black beans, and different types of cheese. Typical vegetable fillings include spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes. These hearty pasties, which are either baked or fried, can include just one type of filling or a mixture of several. The fillings are typically flavored with traditional Latin seasonings, such as saffron, garlic, onion, oregano, and thyme, among several others.

 If you want to always have either fresh or frozen empanadas on hand for fast dinners and party food, buy them from a wholesale supplier either online or in person. Here are some empanada-based meal ideas to get you started:

1. Empanadas and Soup or Salad

As a delicious twist on the traditional sandwich combo, serve empanadas with either soup or salad for a complete lunch or dinner. Depending on how much time you have, go with homemade or prepared soup as a quick weeknight meal. Soup ideas that complement empanadas include black bean and broccoli and cheese. You can even serve empanadas with bowls of chili if you desire. 

You also can't go wrong with a fresh garden salad or a simple-yet-tasty Caesar salad. Pasta or potato salads, sweet potato fries, and coleslaw also go well with savory empanadas, especially at picnics or other casual events. 

2. Empanadas with Black Beans and Rice 

If you want to create a traditional Latin lunch or dinner, serve any type of empanadas alongside black beans and yellow rice. Not only will the classic rice and beans side turn the pastries into a hearty meal, but they will also accommodate any vegetarians at your dinner table. 

For a completely meatless dinner, go with spinach and cheese, or any vegetable-filled empanadas. For any vegan family members or guests, serve empanadas featuring no meal or dairy products. 

3. Empanadas and Mexican Street Corn Salad 

During the summer months when corn on the cob is aplenty, serve your empanadas with a fresh and flavorful Mexican street corn salad. Many of the flavors, such as garlic and chili powder, will complement the empanada fillings. Whip up the corn salad using either boiled or grilled corn, mayonnaise, lime juice, and the seasonings of your choice. 

For more information, contact a wholesale empanada supplier near you.