Why Aren't You Selling More Gelato Pints?

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Why Aren't You Selling More Gelato Pints?

26 April 2022
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Most people love gelato. So why are some of your gelato pints sitting there, unsold? If you want to make those gelato pints fly off the shelves, here are some tips to help you sell more of them.

Stock some ordinary flavors, too

There are so many fun, inventive flavors of gelato out there these days. Some people love trying these, but there are customers who prefer the old standbys, such as vanilla and chocolate. As such, you should make sure you always have some of these ordinary gelato flavors in stock. This way, customers who don't want inventive flavors like triple brownie fudge or strawberry avocado will find and buy something that appeals to them.

Offer spoons

You may assume your customers will buy the gelato pints and take them home. But some customers might want to take the gelato to a nearby park and enjoy it. Or, they might want to eat it in their car as a snack. So if you don't already, make sure you keep some disposable spoons on hand. Put them out somewhere near the gelato so customers know you have them and can help themselves if desired.

Offer a discount on multiple pints

If your profit margins allow for it, then you might want to offer a discount for customers who buy multiple pints of gelato. For instance, you could offer 20% off the second pint. Or, you could give customers a punch card and add a punch for each gelato pint they buy. When the punch card is full, give them a free pint. Both of these discount practices will encourage customers to buy more gelato because they're chasing that discount.

Ask for customer feedback

When customers do come to buy your gelato pints, ask them for feedback. You can ask them whether they liked your flavor selection. You can also ask whether they would like you to sell any mix-ins or add-ons for the pints and whether they think your prices are fair. If you're getting the same criticisms over and over again, then those are probably criticisms that you can act on in order to sell more pints of gelato.

If you are not selling as many gelato pints as you would like to sell, then take the advice above to heart. Often, all it takes is a few tweaks to your routine and your business practices, and your sales can start increasing. Contact a dairy in your area that sells gelato like Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy for more information.