Why You Should Buy Iced Tea Mix For Your Restaurant

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Why You Should Buy Iced Tea Mix For Your Restaurant

27 January 2022
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You probably want to provide a variety of cold beverages for your customers to enjoy when they are dining in your restaurant. In addition to offering soda and water, you may want to offer iced tea. There are a few ways that you can do this, either by brewing your own tea or by purchasing pre-made tea. A final option that might actually be superior to both of these options is to purchase iced tea mix. Typically, you simply have to mix this with water, according to the package instructions. This could be the best way to buy tea for your restaurant for these reasons.

Make Iced Tea Quickly

First of all, when you start offering delicious iced tea for your customers, there is a good chance that a lot of customers will order and enjoy it. If you offer free refills, then you might discover that each batch of iced tea will disappear pretty quickly. You don't want to spend a bunch of time making more batches all throughout the day, and your kitchen staff members might be really busy with other things. If you use iced tea mix, though, it should be very fast and easy for you and your kitchen staff to keep the restaurant stocked with iced tea.

Provide Consistent Results

When you brew each batch of iced tea separately, you have to worry about results not being consistent. Allowing tea bags to steep for longer than usual or adding too much sugar to sweet iced tea can have a big impact on how the iced tea tastes. If you use an iced tea mix and follow the directions every time, however, each batch should taste exactly alike. Then, your customers can get used to enjoying the same taste every time they visit your establishment and order iced tea.

Save Money on Iced Tea

If you have to purchase tea bags, sugar, and any flavoring ingredients for iced tea separately, then you might spend quite a bit of money on everything that you need. With many iced tea mixes, however, everything that you need to make the tea is included. Typically, you only have to add water. You may find that buying and using iced tea mix is more affordable than making iced tea in other ways. This allows you to sell the iced tea for a fair and reasonable price, and it allows you to continue making a profit anyway.

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