Seasoned Meat For A Fabulous Feast

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Seasoned Meat For A Fabulous Feast

5 September 2019
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Are you planning on firing up your grill a couple more times before winter? One way to savor the season before the weather slowly shifts to cooler temperatures is by hosting a backyard barbecue that features a variety of meats that are seasoned with sweet and salty blends. Invite some of your friends or your relatives to enjoy the feast with you.

What Are The Key Components Of A Successful Barbecue?

Think about your grilling habits and the types of meals that you have previously prepared. Have you ever been in a rush and tossed things on the grill's surface, without taking the time to prepare the cuts of meat beforehand? If so, maybe you have been unsatisfied with the results on one or more occasions.

If the meat had a smoky taste but didn't possess any real charisma, the lack of spices may be to blame. It isn't always easy to season things to perfection and following your mother's or grandmother's recipes may seem complicated or out of date. A barbecue rub can help you promote the flavor of each steak, beef brisket, or pork roast that you plan on preparing.

What Is A Rub And How Should One Be Used?

A rub is essentially a blend of herbs and spices that are used to enhance the taste of meat. Some rubs are designed for chicken or poultry, whereas others are formulated to be sprinkled on beef or seafood. One thing to note is that barbecuing is usually a slow process that involves heating up meat at a consistent temperature. Grilling food tends to be a quicker method that involves heating food up over an open flame at a high temperature.

Since rubs can burn or dry out when scorched with a high flame, it is best to save them for the occasions when you plan on cooking large cuts of meat. Rubs are a great way to add flavor because they are carefully blended to promote a distinct taste. If you have ever sprinkled too much salt onto a piece of meat or too much brown sugar, you were probably greeted with an unsatisfying taste once you sat down to enjoy what you prepared.

With a rub, you can't go wrong. Purchase several rub varieties that sound interesting. Choose one with a kick, one that will give the meat a slightly tangy taste, and one that has a touch of that salty flavor that you crave. Dab a thin coating of a rub onto cuts of meat that are fresh and that have been dampened with water.

Allow the spices to settle before cooking the meat. When you and your guests sit down to eat, tell them about the different spices that have been added to the meat so that they can choose the ones that appeal to them.

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