Set Up A Breakroom For Your Employees To Use During Downtime

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Set Up A Breakroom For Your Employees To Use During Downtime

12 February 2018
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If you own a baked goods factory and would like to provide your employees with a breakroom that can be used during downtime, you will likely want to set up an area that will provide your staff members with a viable way to acquire food and beverages and a comfortable area to relax and recharge. The guidelines that follow will assist with creating a suitable area for your workers. 

Set Up Furnishings And Provide Vending Machines

If your employees are responsible for making baked goods during their shifts, think about the likelihood of furnishings getting dirty if ingredients spill onto one or more of your workers' uniforms during their shifts. Purchase furniture that is comfortable and that has washable surfaces to make it easy for you to maintain the furniture. Hard-backed chairs and a table can be set up in the corner of the designated breakroom and can be utilized during meals.

Rent or purchase vending machines from a food supplier or company like A&J Vending LLC and order plenty of snacks and beverages to be added to the machines. After the vending machines are delivered and set up, make plans to have them restocked on a routine basis so that your employees will always be able to purchase fresh products from the machines. Have the machines serviced regularly to reduce the chances that one or more of the machines will malfunction.

Offer Games And Books

Place a couple couches and a coffee table next to the dining area and the vending machines. Purchase a few board games and a variety of books for your workers to enjoy while they are taking a break. During this time, your workers will be able to clear their minds and focus on something other than working, which may help energize everyone so that they perform well on work duties when breaks are over. 

Create A Changing Area

If your workers have been inconvenienced by needing to wear their uniforms to work each day and you would like to provide them with somewhere to change in case everyone would like to wear their standard clothing to and from work, set up a partitioned area in the corner of the room. Moveable wall panels or a curtain can be used to section off an area and will provide your staff members with privacy.

After completing a shift, workers can change back into their street clothes and can place their soiled uniforms in bags so that they can be transported home and laundered or delivered to a dry cleaning business to be cleaned.